Here's to new adventures!

Hi friends! Today I'm on the Paper Issues blog with this layout I made for the This or That challenge using the Turn the Page collection from Pink Paislee.  I picked a lot of this and a little bit of that! I added my own take to Paige Evans' paper plane page, and created my own giant paper plane for my photo to rest in. I also used loads of the ephemera and stickers from the 6x12 chipboard sticker sheet. So here are my this and that combinations, hand journaling and not typed, thread and not ribbon and then stickers and not washi.

 I also created my own background by applying Gesso to the 12x12 white card stock and after it dried I had some fun with Gelato's! I love me some Gelato's! I used the 'snow cone' and 'metallic mint'. If you look closely you can see that I stitched along the edges of the clouds to give them a slight pop. Hope this layout inspires you to take inspiration from a collection and make it your own!!

Here are some close ups!

See you soon!!!!!


Hi! I would like to share this layout with all you fab crafty ladies! I took part in another Paper Issues challenge. This time I chose the Take 5 challenge. 

I used the Romance collection from Simple Stories, which so by the way is available in the Paper Issues online shop!

I adore fussy cutting, so I immediately took the scripted word and phrase paper and hacked it! And so I got my title, 'Adore'. The photo is of my eldest child who is 10 years old and my youngest, who was about 10 days old in the photo. 

If you look at the Romance collection you will get a very girly feel, but I managed to get some elements out of it and I created a fairly gender neutral layout. 

Remember, if you add the coupon code 'Leslie' to your check out in the Paper Issues online store you will get 20& off your entire purchase! Amazing!   

Follow your heart

Hello friends! Today I would like to share this layout with you. I used the Reagan Kit from 
Felicity-Jane. I have never used their products before and I thought it high time that I should try them out. And guess what, I loved it! I adore the stamp set! It is full of phrases about new beginnings. 

I have been scrapping my own baby photos lately and I came across this little photo of me, I have no idea how old I am in that photo, I guess I was around a year old. I was on a beach and clearly strutting my stuff. It looks like I'm on a mission. So I took a picture of the small original photo that that had turned a bit yellowish over time and turned it to black and white in PicMonkey. And I like it!

As you all know I love fussy cutting flowers, so I immediately took the floral pattern paper and started fussy cutting the flower without even knowing what I was going to do in the layout. Sometimes jumping right in without really knowing what you are doing is the best way to get started!

I had a good look at the stamps and decided I wanted to create a background with the stamps. Now, let me tel you, I am not a stamper. I have never stamped anything on a layout, I never stamped the cards I made a couple of years ago, I just never took to stamping, and I cannot tell you why. But I tried these stamps, and I absolutely loved it! I was so easy! I have no idea why I was so scared of stamping. As a result of my non-interest in stamping I only have black ink and a dark brown, so I couldn't go wild with colours. But I went wild with the black ink I do have! 

As you can see I clustered the words and phrases behind the photo in the bottom right quadrant of the 12x12 white card stock. I found some lost and lonesome little stamps in my stash and I added them to the mix. Those being the heart stamp, the little envelope and the two words, ' Explore' and 'Dream'. I also layered some of the coloured card stock behind the photo. And finally, as you can see I did end up using some of those fussy cut flowers as layers behind the photo. 

I absolutely love this kit!  
Here are some close-ups!  

Wild & free

Hi friends! Today I would like to share this layout I made for the Swanky Swatches Challenge over on the Paper Issues Facebook Page. I used the beautiful 'Lovely Day' collection from Shimelle.

Here is the Swatch,

Don't you just love the rich warm colours combined with the colder neutral grays? 
I have to admit, this was truly a challenge for me. I usually stick to many different colours, and I haven't really scrapped with so much red before. But here it is. I did it! 

I worked on this for almost a whole day. I first started with a vertical layout, I didn't like it, so I tried a diagonal layout, I didn't like that either. So I walked away and made myself a lovely cup of coffee and took a wee break. When I finally got the courage to try again, I looked at all the papers again to get some inspiration. And I got stuck on the page with all the hot air balloons. 

So I decided that I will paper piece a hot air balloon in the swatch colours. 
And this is the result. I also fussy cut the flowers from one of the other pages in the collection as well as the paper with all the phrases and words. Hope you get some inspiration from this!!

Remember, all the products I used in this layout is available in the Paper Issues online shop, use the coupon code, 'Leslie' for a 20 % discount.
Have a fab weekend!

10 Years of Love

Hello everyone!! Today I would like to share with you my very first layout I made for the Paper Issues Design Team! In this challenge I had to scraplift this amazing layout!

And here is  my take...

I absolutely love fussy cutting flowers and I immediately knew I would probably do something with flowers. As this is my first layout for a Paper Issues challenge on the Design Team, I needed to do something I'm comfortable with, so that I wouldn't get overwhelmed.

 I had purchased the paper from 1 Canoe 2 called Midnight Roses,  from the Paper Issues store a while ago and just loved the boldness of the flowers. It almost has a masculine feel to them. So I pulled out a photo of me and my hubby from our 10th anniversary last year. I wanted to pull some of that rich blue into the layout even though I had cut it all off while fussy cutting the flowers. So I rummaged through my stash and found the perfect dark blue card stock. I didn't have any other paper in that deep blue so I improvised! 

Our wedding song was, Chancing Cars from Snow Patrol. I wrote out some of the lyrics on some cream-ish card stock in a funky font using a Sharpie. From here on the layout came together pretty easily! I layered some more of that deep blue card stock under neath my photo, I also added some gold embossed handmade paper from the paleolithic period ( not really, its just really really old paper, from when handmade dung paper was all the rage!) I then arranged the fussy cut flowers around my photo to where I liked them but I still felt something was missing. So I improvised again. I busted out a gold gel pen and drew ( rather scratched) some sprigs onto some white paper and cut them out. That added just the right amount of gold pop. The big layered piece my photo is on is actually a pocket, you will see a tag poking out. The large tag on the left of the page I had other pans for! I wrote out the full lyrics for the song Chasing Cars and cut it out in thin strips ( yes, I do not have a type writer, woe is me!) So my hand written strips would have to do. I also stitched along the edge of the page with some gold metallic thread. 
And that is it!

Paper Issues Design Team!

Hello Friends! I am super duper excited to let you all know that I am part of the Paper Issues Design Team from February to July 2018! It is such and honour to be included in this very talented and inspirational team of ladies. Please head on over to the Paper Issues blog, website, Facebook page and their Instagram page for lots of inspiration and fun! For those of you who don't know, Paper Issues is an online scrapbook shop. It sells all the newest, trendiest and most beautiful scrapbook goodies that there is to offer! The awesomeness does not stop there! If you add my code 'Leslie' in the coupon box when checking out at the shop you will instantly get 20% off your entire purchase!

So Grateful

Hello Friends! Today I would like to share this layout with you that I made using an older Kaisercraft collection called Rose Avenue. It is such a beautiful, soft and feminine collection. The two little photos are of me when I was a baby, I'm not sure how old I was, sadly none of the photos I have of my childhood are dated. I thought it would be fun to make a grid layout. So I took different elements out of the collection and cut them to the desired shape and size and made a grid. If you look closely you will see that I added some tissue paper to the backs of my photos, it adds a softness to the photo and I just plain like the way it looks! I love dimension and so I popped most of the elements up on adhesive foam. I also added stitching the to squares and rectangles to further make them pop. I love me some stitchin'!! And that is all for this layout. Short and sweet. It came together quite quickly (except for the stitching of course).

Love our Secret Garden

Hi everyone! Today I am sharing with you this layout I made using a very old picture of me and my sister. I must have been around a year old, and my sister must have been about 4. As you can see, we are picking blossoms off a bush of some sorts. So, I thought it appropriate to use the Kaisercraft collection called Secret Garden. It is one of their older collections, and I don't think its even available in the shops or on line anymore. I have it in my stash and now I got some use out of it! It is such a beautiful, soft, feminine collection. The pinks and the greens are so subtle with the blues offer an accented contrast to the rest of the colours. I just love making diagonal layouts, it is so easy to embellish and everything always seem to flow so well together. As you can see I did what I do on most layouts, I fussy cut a lot of the flowers on one of the 12x12 sheets in the collection pack. If you don't know me by now, I just LOVE fussy cutting! I can spent hours fussy cutting, basically until my hand cramps up! There is not much technical to say about this layout. I placed my photo on the bottom half of the diagonal line and I arranged the flowers in a sort of a bouquet popping out from behind the photo. I have to say that the chain stitching around the layout took quite a while, but worth it!

Happy Smiles

Hi! Today I'm sharing this layout with you that I made a few months ago. I wanted to do something different and break away from any of the collections I had at that time. So I went online and found these amazing printable florals. I printed them out on my Canon printer and just cut them out with my scissors. The flowers and leaves are very basic and easy to fussy cut. Let me tell you a little about the photo. It was taken when Emma was about 5 months old. On Sundays the family gathers after church and we have a massive Sunday roast. On that particular day Emma and her cousin were both all dolled up in their pretty dresses. Her Auntie was also dolled up, and I thought the three of them together would make such a lovely photo.

 I used 12x12 textured white card stock and I applied Gesso as I knew I wanted to do some mixed media. I used the packaging method, I just rubbed some blue Gelato's onto the plastic packaging, added water and made sure the Gelato's and water mixed well. I turned the packaging over and just smudged the blue paint onto the white card stock. I just wanted to add some interest in the background to counter the stark white of the card stock. I layered some pink pattern paper from my stash behind the photo and added a little green doodle sticker from an old Doodlebug collection. As you can see I layered the flowers behind the photo to create a sort of bouquet. I also added some stitching in the shape of the flowers and I tried to match up the colours of the thread and the flowers as best I could. I felt that the layout was very busy on the left hand side of the paper and needed to be balanced out a bit, so I added a little cluster of the fussy cut flowers and some more stitching over on the top right corner. All in all I feel happy with how this layout came out. It is a very happy, simple and bright layout. See you soon!!

A girl and her Cat

Hello Friends! Today I want to share this layout I created. Let me first talk about the photo. I took this photo of my oldest daughter a few months ago. She was sitting on my bed with her very messy and tangled hair clutching our cat ( poor cat). She was reading out aloud to our Kitty, and I thought it was the sweetest thing. So I got the phone out and snapped this cutie! I got one of the cut apart sheets from Carta Bella's very beautiful collection called 'Flora no. 1' a few months ago, and I thought the colours in the collection would go perfectly with the colours in the photo. Her dress is a 'dirty' pink, and the same pink is present in this collection. I unfortunately only had the one cut apart sheet, so I had to work with a plan. I fussy cut some of the florals from the sheet and placed them on the photo on adjacent corners. I also cut out some of the journaling cards and used them for layering. I had to go digging in my stash for a co-ordination paper with florals. You will see those florals behind the photo, I fussy cut them out. I have no idea what collection that floral paper is from, its a very old paper, so I can't even tell you for referencing. However, I can tell you loads about the background. I absolutely love working with Gelato's.

 I was first introduced to Gelato's while watching one of Missy Whidden's many fabulous process videos on Youtube. Please do yourself a favour and go ahead and watch her videos, they are amazing. Okay, back to the background! I used a plain white piece of 12x12 cardstock and primed it with Gesso. After the Gesso dried I went ahead and rubbed the Gelato's directly onto the paper in the shades that I wanted. I applied it liberally! To blend the Gelato's and get that beautiful gradient effect I blended the colours with my fingers and I also used a hard bristle paint brush, (I applied very little water to the brush). The alpha's and accent stickers I used to embellish the page are all from my stash. 

While creating this page I was reminded that you don't always have to work with a complete collection kit, you can pick out one paper and build an entire page theme around the colours in that one paper. Just as I did with this layout, I had one cut apart sheet of the ' Flora no.1' collection and I made a layout. See, you can do it! Go dig in your stash for coordinating colours and themes and slap them all together, you will be amazed! Get creative with your background, don't be afraid to get messy, you can always clean it up after wards!

Little events and happenings...

Hello friends! 

 Welcome to my blog. Here you get a glimpse into my life by the stories the photos tell that I scrapbook and journal about. My life is marked by little events and happenings, by beautiful serendipitous moments. I have always had a fascination with photos. As a little girl I would stand and stare at the photos in my grandmother's photo gallery in her house.

 I remember one photo in particular, it is of her grandmother. This beautiful regal young woman adorned in her Victorian dress sits on a picnic blanket, holding a little baby, my great grandmother. I remember the young woman's eyes, they had a piercing quality. Today, that photo still hangs in my grandmother's house, but the face of the striking young woman has all but faded away. All that is left is a ghostly figure, a stiff Victorian dress holding a faceless baby. Her face is gone, her identity has faded away, all that is left of her is her story. That got me thinking.  What part of me will fade away? 

I started memory keeping when I was in primary school. It started with a very basic diary, with every entry starting with the very original ' Dear Diary' ( face palm). And so, very slowly I started documenting the little events and happenings. The small basic diary turned into bigger diaries which in turn became books and books of ramblings, ideas, happy moments, sad moments, boyfriends, friends, x-boyfriends, x-friends. It grew and grew, until the day I started dating my husband. I gave him all my books and he read through all of my ramblings. I figured that if he had to get to know me, what better way to help him along than my books? 

 So here we are, almost 11 years later. I wanted to document our life together, but I wanted something more visual. I had dabbled in scrapbooking in my early twenties, but being a student, I couldn't support the hobby. So when our first child was born I began documenting his little events and happenings with scrapbooking. If you have ever struggled to get into scrapbooking have a baby and then it will be very easy to scrapbook! The cutesy papers and adorable embellishments will have you hooked in no time. So, welcome to my blog, here you will get a glimpse into my life by the stories the photos tell that I scrapbook and journal about! Enjoy!!